The Rotary Club of Carbondale-Breakfast

Weekly Assignments: April - June 2017

If you are not available to fulfill your assignment, it is your responsibility to arrange an exchange with another member then inform the club president about the change.

Date Greeter & Introductions † Moment of Reflection * CT/RI/GKO [your choice]
4 April G Petrowich M Black S Ojewuyi
11 April D Becque D Booth R Osborn
18 April M Pyle R Brewester G Petrowich
25 April K Renfro S Carsrud M Pyle
2 May J Salmo B Fox K Renfro
9 May M Sinnott A Hamilton-Brehm J Salmo
16 May C Vaughn S Harris-Johnson M Sinnott
23 May G Waring J Hesketh C Vaughn
30 May J Wides S Heyer G Waring
6 June A Beck M Johansson J Wides
13 June F Becque S Kroenlein A Beck
20 June D Becque G Kupiec F Becque
27 June C Bishop M Neill D Becque

† Greeter/Introductions: Arrive by 6:55 am.

  • Greet each member.
  • Sign in each guest; obtain the correct spelling and correct pronunciation.
  • Be sure that a visiting Rotarian receives a signed makeup card.
  • Introduce each guest separately so we can greet them individually by first name.

* Moment of Reflection: 1 - 2 minutes.

  • Recognizing the diversity of Rotarians, prepare a non-demominational, non-ecumenical "Thought for the Day".

Rotary Insight: 3 minutes.

  • Report on an aspect of Rotary we might not otherwise know.

Getting to Know Ourselves: 3 minutes.

  • A talk about your volunteer activities, unique hobbies, special skills beyond your profession, or other interesting activity or experience. Option: Three questions from the GKO collection.

Classification Talk: 3 minutes.

  • A short talk on your career and/or classification.
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